The Santa Barbara Bowl…. Tuesday & Wednesday, October 21 & 22 at 6:00 PM


“They arrived from the wilds of Vermont in the late 1980s as a quartet of awkward-looking music dorks from an obscure experimental college in the woods, singing show tune-injected, prog-pop tunes whose very catchiness turned rock convention on its… nose,” says Jesse Jarnow in his review of the new book: Phish: The Biography.


As one of America’s iconic cult bands, Phish became the most popular touring act of the 1990’s due to their remarkable ability to always keep their audiences on their toes…..expecting the unexpected.


Each show became a one of a kind production, with changes in the set lists and details as well as the unexpected antics of the band itself. As the fan culture grew, followers flocked to the events hours before show time and huge temporary parking lot gatherings sprung up.


In the spirit of keeping fans ‘expecting the unexpected’, the Editor at KSUT recently reported that: “Any band 30-plus years into a career of remarkable successes and struggles, not to mention a ‘hiatus’ and a ‘breakup,’ is unlikely to change many minds with its 12th album. Yet here we are: Phish's first studio record in five years, FUEGO, is the Vermont band's finest work in more than a decade!”


On the same day as the release of this new album, Phish delivered a mind blowing set for a few hundred lucky New York fans that has been called ‘one for the history books.’ The performance was described as “one of the most unique and memorable 'Live on Letterman' experiences in history!” by Gian Vassaliko of CBS.


Joining the chorus of positive reviews, Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts, had this to say: “All weekend long, Phish reminded us why they are the greatest band on the planet…the world is back to the way it should be – with a happy and scorching Phish…As any one of the 13,000 people that walked out of our sacred venue with ****-eating grins could tell you, “The magic is back!”


Do not miss the opportunity to “Feel the Magic” on October 21st or 22nd at the Santa Barbara Bowl!