First Annual Ferrigno Legacy Festival

Appearing at: The Granada Theatre…. Friday & Saturday, November 28-29, 2014

Santa Barbara will host the First Annual Ferrigno Legacy Festival at the historic Granada Theatre over Thanksgiving weekend.

"I am honored to launch an event combining California’s legendary bodybuilding culture with world-class competitors raising awareness for personal health, fitness and two worthy causes,” says actor Lou Ferrigno. The event will emphasize ‘production value and polish’ to complement the elegance of the Granada Theatre. “People will be wearing shirts and ties, not t-shirts…and sitting in velvet seats,” says Ferrigno.

A lineup of famous guests are expected to walk the Red Carpet at 6:30 p.m. on Opening Night. Invited celebrities, pro athletes, and friends of Lou Ferrigno include: “Lou Ferrigno, Jr. (NCIS), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Bridges, Frank Stallone, Oprah Winfrey, Cheryl Tiegs, Alan Thicke, Kathy Ireland, Chuck Norris, Mickey Rourke, and bodybuilding champions, including Phillip Heath, Shawn Ray, Jay Cutler, and others.”

Ferrigno says that the festival has been designed to appeal to a wide audience base; one that more women and men can relate to. Come and see for yourself!

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You can get a head start on the Red Carpet event by stopping by the Benchmark Eatery before the show. As one guest describes:

The location is amazing and the patio seating is great for people watching.”