Westmont College’s Annual Spring Sing

Santa Barbara Bowl, Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Spring Sing is a funny, creative song and dance competition between the dorms at Westmont College. The skits incorporate clips from popular songs that have been humorously altered, and the choreography is original. The students, faculty, and college staff all join in for what has become the most popular student event of the year.

Spring Sing enjoys an enthusiastic response from the students and faculty because it acts as a bonding agent for the individual dorms and the college community at large. Alicia Archambault, in the Westmont College Newspaper, says that “perhaps the sheer fact that no other event has the power to monopolize the time and efforts of almost the entire student body for the production of over-the-top, nonsensical skits is what makes Spring Sing special.”

Westmont College focuses on developing a student body committed to personal development and global engagement. In the words of Dr. Beebe, college president, “Westmont is about people, and that’s our greatest resource.” Echoing that theme, the Templeton Foundation recognized Westmont as one of the nation’s top 100 colleges committed to character development, according to Wikipedia.

Westmont College’s Spring Sing is an entertaining evening that showcases what collective enthusiasm, dedicated teamwork, and a spirit of shared laughter can create. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend this evening with the students and faculty of Westmont College on Saturday night, March 21st.

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