Movies That Matter presents: MY FAMILY

Monday, April 27 at 7 p.m. at the Granada Theatre

Movies That Matter is a film series presented by Hal Conklin, former Santa Barbara Mayor and film critic. Conklin has selected each of the films in this six part series with great care, showcasing films that will touch the heart and draw out the best in humanity. As an added bonus, each evening also includes a Q & A session with Conklin that is guaranteed to be informative and lively.

The April movie selection, My Family, is a 1995 independent film drama that features Jennifer Lopez in her first major big-screen role.

The New York Times described Gregory Nava's My Family: Mi Familia as “a grandly ambitious, warmhearted, wildly uneven movie about one Mexican-American family in East Los Angeles. At its liveliest, the film seems crammed with cheerful Latin music, life-threatening immigration problems, and a terrific, dominant performance by Jimmy Smits.”

Roger Ebert said, “Through all the beauty, laughter and tears, the strong heart of the family beats, and everything leads up to a closing scene, between old Jose and Marie, that is quiet, simple, joyous and heartbreaking. Rarely have I felt at the movies such a sense of time and history, of stories and lessons passing down the generations, of a family living in its memories.”

The success of Conklin’s effort to select a film that has enduring appeal is reflected in this 2014 Amazon review: “I first saw this movie in 1995 when it was first released in theaters. Nine years later, the movie still has the same effect as it did when I first saw it.”

Come join Hal Conklin at the Granada Theatre on April 27th to see My Family, followed by a lively discussion about the film. Conklin is a man who has devoted his life to serving the Santa Barbara community. In his current role as a film critic, his Q & A session after the show is sure to make this a “Movie That Matters.”

Consider stopping by Benchmark Eatery for dinner before the movie. A recent customer had this to say: The churros, dipped in chocolate dipping sauce, were on another level.”