Diana Krall at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Five-time Grammy winner, Diana Krall, will appear at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Sunday, August 30th, as part of her Wallflower World Tour. Her performances have been described as feel-good concerts of familiar pop music. The 50 year old Canadian jazz pianist and singer has made it clear that in her newest album, Wallflower, she deliberately set out to make a pop record.

“I sat down with (producer) David Foster and I was very clear with him that if we were going to make a record, it was going to be a pop record. I did not want to make a jazz re-interpretation of new standards. I wanted to do songs that I knew when it was vinyl and radio…when you actually turned the record over. I don’t consider myself a jazz singer. I was born to play the piano and swing really hard; to play with emotion and really feel the story (behind the song).” (dianakrall.com)

Krall started playing music early, and by the age of four she could play the piano by herself. By the time she turned 15, she was playing jazz in a local restaurant. (Adam Jacques, theindependent.com) Her hero as a child was Elton John, and she describes listening to every one of his records. When she met Elton John years later in Hawaii they became friends.

“There’s an art to making people feel comfortable,” Krall says. “When you meet your hero, you’re ready to say all these things you’ve prepared all your life and you end up saying something like, ‘I like cheese.’ Elton knows how to not make you feel awkward. He’s (also) so supportive of artists he likes, and I became one of them.” In 2003, when Krall and British musician Elvis Costello were married, the wedding was held at Elton John’s estate outside London. (dianakrall.com)

Krall has been praised for her commanding stage presence in addition to her talent as a singer and pianist. “It’s a mark of Krall’s supreme ability as a player and a bandleader that she can hand over the stage to her talented band members any time she wants, then, with a breath into the microphone or a flick of her blond hair, take the stage right back and settle into a masterful solo of her own.” (Bill Robertson, starphoenix.com)

Krall’s Wildflower World Tour showcases some of the greatest pop music made famous by the likes of the Carpenters, The Eagles, and Bob Dylan. Her recent, August 4th concert in Fort Wayne, IN received this rave review: “If you like jazz, don't miss your opportunity to see and hear what can only be described as the best 'torch singer' of the last 50 years. Diana Krall performed on stage for 2 hours without a break sharing her sultry voice and mastery of the keyboard. Only 2 rows from the stage, I could see her facial expressions as she made song after song come alive as if each was about her. Her concerts are not to be missed!” (ticketmaster.com)