Jim Messina and Rusty Young

Lobero Theatre
7:00 PM, Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jim Messina is best remembered as one-half of the rock-pop duo, Loggins and Messina. Together they released nine albums in seven years and sold over 20 million records. Although the duo split up in 1976, nearly 30 years later they joined forces again for two wildly successful Reunion Tours in 2005 and 2009.

Messina has had a long and successful career as a musician, songwriter, singer, guitarist, recording engineer, and a record producer. With his impressive resume, he was asked in an interview on music-illuminati.com, what advice he would give to an aspiring musician. Messina had this to say: “I think the most important thing…is to hang on to your roots…and try to avoid getting involved in drugs or drinking…I think it is counterproductive and self-sabotaging…focus on your music, focus on your playing skills, focus on developing good musical relationships, and work together to support one another. I don’t think any career that I’ve ever watched happen, happened by one person doing it all themselves. It takes a team. It takes everybody working together, focused intensely on the goal, which is to get out there and perform, to get an audience, and create a product that they all want to buy.”

He went on to say that after all the years he has spent as a producer, “helping other artists develop their music to become the best it could be,” he is enjoying having the time to focus on his own music now to see what evolves. “The only thing I hope for is that what I do will be inspiring to enough people that it will become part of their lives and create a life of its own.”

You will have a great opportunity to see for yourself where Messina’s music has taken him on Sunday, September 13th at the Lobero Theatre. He will be joined that evening by Rusty Young, the retired leader of Poco, who continues to do guest performances with former members of the group.

Try Benchmark Eatery for a meal before the show. A recent visitor said:

All in all a top notch afternoon of good drinks, good food, and terrific service.”