Granada Theatre Friday & Saturday, 7:15 PM January 8 & 9, 2016

The KIDS HELPING KIDS annual benefit concert has become so popular that this year their Friday night performance SOLD OUT in just one week! In response, KHK has arranged to present a second performance of NEED TO BREATHE on Saturday night, January 9th, for the first time. JOHNNY SWIM will open for the group on both evenings.

NEED TO BREATHE concerts consistently receive 5 star reviews from fans on Ticketmaster. Here are a few examples: “I have seen NEED TO BREATHE at three different locations and they never fail to give an amazing concert. The energy level never falters. You would think that it was the most important concert of the tour. Great talent. Great band.” 

“NEED TO BREATHE has yet to disappoint even after seeing them 5 times in various venues... Indoor and out. Their music is inspiring and original. They have amazing energy and even more amazing talent.”

Both of their evening performances will open with music by JOHNNY SWIM, a folk, soul, blues, pop music duo consisting of singer/songwriters Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez. The chemistry and artistry of this married duo has earned them rave reviews at all their concerts. Here is what fans have said:

“JOHNNY SWIM was out of this world; they were incredible! So humble and down to earth, they included the audience in their show more than I've ever seen before at a live event. You can see how much they love to perform, sing, and each other. They made it so personal. And their voices are even better live than recorded, I swear by it! I will NEVER miss another JOHNNY SWIM show when they come to Michigan!”

“JOHNNY SWIM is absolutely amazing! Their voices are fantastic, and they are such a fun, loving couple who performs so well. Everyone needs to go to one of their concerts. Love the fact that they connect with their fans so often during the show.”

It is easy to see why these performances are selling out so quickly. Don’t miss this opportunity to support the KIDS TO KIDS organization in their efforts to “invest in the lives of kids needing socio-economic and physical support, both locally and globally.”

Benchmark Eatery makes a great stop for dinner before the concert. A recent customer said:

This is a great restaurant for families, groups, couples, or people riding solo. You can cozy up at the bar, sit in a booth or find a table on the patio. Service has always been great and management seems to be very open to feedback from guests.” (Yelp)